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Minister Decree
 Minister Decree No. 640/2012: Fees of Services provided by CAPA
 Minister Decree No. 380/2009: Specifications of Pharmacies and Stores
 Minister Decree 350/2009 for Regulation of Tramadol
 Minister Decree No. 370/2006
 Minister Decree No. 296/2009: Registration of Human Drugs
  Minister Decree No. 297/2009: Registration of Biologicals Arabic Version
 Minister Decree No. 435/2006: GMP of Biologicals
 Minister Decree No. 539/2007: Egyptian GMP
  Minister Decree No. 540/2007: Withdrawal and prohibition of pharmaceutical products do not comply with specifications.
 Minister Decree No. 25/2009: Regulations of Wholesale Stores
 Minister Decree No. 174/1999
 Minister Decree No. 487/1985: Regulations for Controlled Drugs and Substances
 Minister Decree No. 76/2000: Organizing of registration and advertising of medicines and pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements
 Minister Decree No. 172/2011
 Presidential Decree No. 113/1962
 Pricing Ministerial Decree No. 499/2012
 Ministerial Decree No. 575/2012
 Ministerial Decree No. 622/2012
 Ministerial Decree 425/2015 Registration of Human Pharmaceuticals
 Ministerial Decree no. 29/2016 regarding the Pharmaceutical Track and Trace
 Ministerial Decree no. 429-1976 for scientifc office