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Our scope is to inspect on pharmacies and warehouses in order to ensure efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products, in addition controlling the Egyptian market by combatting the phenomenon counterfeit and smuggled pharmaceutical [products in the Egyptian market]. 


Terms of reference of department of pharmacies and warehouse pharmaceutical inspection and its cycle of operation:-

1- Receiving complaints received by the Inspection department about the irregularities of some warehouses or pharmacies.
2- Investigate these complaints and study in coordination with the various regulatory bodies so as to adjust the various irregularities institutions pharmacy.
3- The preparation of the technical report revealing irregularities of the pharmaceutical institution and clarifying the extent of violating laws, and then attach the report to the report prepared the regulatory body for display on the public prosecution authorities to take necessary.
4-Issuance of periodic book for confiscation of adulterated or counterfeited drugs in the pharmacy institutions, and clarifying the fundamental differences between the original and adulterated drug in order to secure the administration of the drug market and the health of the public patients.
5-Issuance decision for ceasing dispensing the intended quantities of narcotics and psychotropic for pharmacies that are tuned violate dispensing of narcotics and psychotropic rules regulated by Ministerial Decree 172 issued 2011 and sell it without a prescription and by more than the fixed price.
6- Administrative closure for pharmacies that repeated violation of the rules of dispensing psychotropic or in the case of repeated absence of the manager in charge, in accordance to memorandum filed by Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health showing the recurrence of violations of these pharmacies.
7-Incineration of the expired narcotics and psychotropic.
8- Issuing permits for dispensing pure alcohol for medicinal purposes for government entities and some private actors.
9-following-up periodic books issued by the central administration of the pharmaceutical affair concerning the pharmaceutical inspection.

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